IP2017 – Key Features – WebTools

Hi All, While the Innovation Pack 2017 (IP207) is getting ready to be "GA"d, I am trying to highlight some of the key features here. First in the series, that excited me, is Production Version of  "WebTools". (IP2015,IP2016 were only the Developer Preview). WebTools have come up pretty good, where the Siebel Development team is... Continue Reading →

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Siebel – Outbound email Validation

Siebel by default does validation of the email addresses that are used in the outbound communication manager. Basic validations like having a "@" or a ".com" or "co.*" are present. Some times there might be an exception scenario where these validations needs to be overwritten to cater to the customer needs where they might encounter... Continue Reading →

Siebel OpenUI – List Applet Filter

Since the List applet in OpenUI uses the JQgrid frame work, it gives some very good capabilities of JQGrid. One of them is the "Filter Toolbar", which gives us additional filtering options within the List Applet. Additionally, you can now programmatically control the contents in list applet (Like filtering, Searching etc). Following code in PR... Continue Reading →

Siebel Log analyzer

Recently I have been working on some of the Performance related issues in Siebel. The usual way is to get the OM logs with SQL logging level set to 4/5. Now the big task is to analyze these log files to find Long running queries which cause the performance degradation. So, I have come up... Continue Reading →

OpenUI : Get Webserver path and Locale

You can use the following javascript commands to get the WebServer path and Locale path: var currentPageUrlIs = document.location.toString().toLowerCase().substr(7,24); Eg : var currentlocale = window.location.pathname.toString().toLowerCase().substr(12,3); Eg: Note : change the substring numbers according to your url and OM Name.  

IP2015 -Custom JS Do not showup

Dear OpenUI Developers, Those working with earlier version of OpenUI (, .10, .11) will see that the custom JS files/folder will not show up in the browser console anymore. (IP2015 onwards). Open UI now loads scripts "as needed" as opposed to pre-load via direct includes. This prevents the script from showing up in a... Continue Reading →

Siebel OpenUI – UPT – Usage Pattern Tracking

Sharing a very interesting and new feature added in 15.5 version. This will greatly help in designing the UI Flows. Thanks John!! Usage Pattern Tracking By John Bedford-Oracle Siebel Usage Pattern Tracking, a feature introduced in 15.5 is a framework module that packs immense potential. This feature allows Siebel administrators with the ability to configure... Continue Reading →

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