Siebel Phone Format

The format of the Phone Number is controlled by Locale + LOV’s.

For Eg : If you want Phone Format for China to be displayed in the following format :

123 1234 1234

Do the following changes.

Navigate to Administration – Data screen > Locale view

Query for Locale Code to CHS,

Make sure the international Dialing code is updated properly. (In this example it is +86)

Now navigate to Administration – Data Screen > List of Values and Query for PHONE_FORMAT

Add an entry in Phone format with the below values :


Display Value : 000 0000 0000

LIC : 000 0000 0000

Order = 86 (Country code of China in this example)

Language = CHS

Clear cache and Restart Siebel Server to see the results.

Note : Old values will not automatically change, this will be applicable only for new values created from UI.



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