Siebel : eScript Special characters

Characters such as the double quote mark (“), the single quote mark (‘), the hard return, the semi-colon (;), and the ampersand (&) have special meanings within JavaScript and eScript. But sometimes you want to use them for their traditional values, to have quotation marks appear around a phrase on the screen, to add a hard return to your text file to make it more readable or to specify a file system path. You can escape the character, that is, you can tell JavaScript to skip over it by preceding the character with a back slash.

The backslash (\) character is JavaScript/eScript’s escape character. The backslashes in SVB and JavaScript/eScript are used differently. Two backslashes are needed in JavaScript/eScript. The reason for this is that the JavaScript/eScript interpreter sees a single backslash as indicating that the very next character is a character to be “escaped” (to use it literal meaning).


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