Siebel : Cancel Query Parameter

The cancel query feature allows users to stop their slow or incorrect queries while using Siebel Web Client. If the query does not return records within a given number of seconds (the timeout period), a dialog box appears, which allows the user to cancel the query.

The cancel query feature is enabled through the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter.

To enable the cancel query feature

  1. Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration, Enterprises, and then Component Definitions.
  2. Query for Call Center Object Manager (ENU) and select it.
  3. In Component Parameters, change the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter to:

    CancelQueryTimeOut = timeout

    where timeout is any integer of zero or greater.

    For example, if CancelQueryTimeOut = 3, the cancel query dialog box appears if records are not returned within 3 seconds.

    NOTE:  A timeout value of less than zero, for example, -1, disables the feature.

  4. Restart the Siebel Server.

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