Siebel : Standard Interactivity Limitations and Supported Browsers

Standard Interactivity Framework: refers to the user experience associated with traditional web applications. Most user interactions result in a page refresh. For example:

* When creating a new record, the user selects the new button (which refreshes the page), enters the relevant data, then selects the submit button (which again refreshes the page).
* When browsing through a list of records, the page refreshes each time a new record is selected.

1. Auto Save not present. User needs to save explicitly

2. Browser scripts will not work in SI. So no Custom popup warning messages, Some vanilla class based warning messages still appear.

3. ActiveX components are not supported. (Calender drag and drop will not work)

4. Java components are not supported

5. Multiple selection in List applet using Ctrl or Shift key not possible.

6. Key Board short cuts will not work


9. Limited Browser Support :

Version 8.1 and higher

For Siebel v8.1 and above Siebel supports standards based browser support. Browsers meeting those standards are supported via the standard.

•Browsers Must support the HTML 4.01 Standard

•Browsers must support CSS level 2.1 (CSS level 3.0 support is recommended and provides enhanced features)

•Browsers must support JavaScript version 1.5

Compliance with standards: Oracle recommends use of browsers that rank highly on the Acid3 series of standards compliance.See  for more information on a browser compliance with Internet standards. In rare instances, browsers may not meet the standards defined above adequately in which case they cannot be supported even if they appear to function.

Examples of compliant Standard Interactivity Mode Clients

•· Mozilla Firefox version 1.5 and above, including Latest released

•· Internet Explorer 7 and above, including latest released

•· Safari 3 and above including IPad, latest released

•· Google Chrome 1.0 and above, including latest released


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