OpenUI-,Manifest Files – Part 2

As we understand from my previous post of Manifest files, the manifest details will be captured in the Manifest Administration views under Application Adminstration.

Furthur to this we also need to modify the JS files(which were created for .9 or .10) to make it work in

Following is the skeleton structure of the JS file ;

if( typeof( ” SiebelAppFacade.module_name” ) === undefined ){
SiebelJS.Namespace( “SiebelAppFacade.module_name” );
define( ” siebel/custom/module_name”, [], function(){
SiebelAppFacade.module_name = (function(){
var consts = SiebelJS.Dependency( “SiebelApp.Constants” );
function module_name(){
SiebelAppFacade.module_name.superclass.constructor.apply( this, arguments
SiebelJS.Extend( module_name, SiebelAppFacade.arguments_2 );
return module_name:
return SiebelAppFacade.module_name;

As you see we have a new line with define() function.

define( “ siebel/custom/module_name”, [ “order!dependent_module1”, “
order!dependent_module2”, “ order!dependent_modulen ], function(){
. . .
. . .
. . .
return “name_space.module_name”;

Ensure all your earlier scripts are rewritten with this Define() function to make it work in


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