***Worlds First*** Automatic PM/PR and other file generator for OpenUI


I am happy to announce the first of the kind Automatic PM,PR,CustomPL,CSS generator for OpenUI.

This tool takes the inputs from the users on the required functionality in an applet or across application and generates the required files in a jiffy… typically any new feature will take 1 or 2 days for a normal developer to code and test. With this tool, it takes less then a minute to do the same, drastically reducing the coding time.



19 thoughts on “***Worlds First*** Automatic PM/PR and other file generator for OpenUI”

  1. Was wondering why Oracle has not given such a tool… The screenshot masks the features/functionalities, kindly share the clearer screen shot and the actual tool.

    1. Thanks Nick, Really encouraging words from you.
      Have shared the beta version on your email id. Please evaluate and share feedback.
      It was nice working with you and will look forward to work with you again soon.

  2. I agree with the above line “only Ragha can do this”,as i have seen him in action..kudos Ragha..eagar to use the tool,pls share.thanks

  3. Hi Ragha, This is really great tool, currently we are working on OpenUI on my project, could you please share me this tool.


  4. Having a tool like this will definitely reduce the workload and increase productivity. This looks really promising.

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