Mobile Disconnected – Sync information.

Some useful information on Mobile Disconnected Sync mechanism.

The records which are created offline will be stored under websql ( browser DB). The transactions created in offline mode creates a record in corresponding table ( Eg : Records created in contacts store din contact table ) and also in sync table . Each time user updates a record in offline mode, it will create a record in sync table . When user clicks on satellite icon to go online , the server will apply the txn (from client sync table), and update the server db

No separate database on device will be installed , websql ( browser DB -WEBDB) which comes along with HTML5 compatible browser will be used . There is a limit of database – 50 MB ( Application cache + WEb storage = 50MB)

Sync process between device and server is a manual process . Once user bring the device in network , user need to click satellite icon to upload all offline txns to server .


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