Diccache.dat and Dicdata.dat

Quick and Brief information on the Diccache.dat and dicdata.dat files. Very helpful for Siebel Architects, Admins and Developers working with Siebel Remote Application.

Diccache.dat is a cache file used by Siebel server programs to enhance performance when loading the Siebel Repository. Diccache.dat contains a subset of the repository (called the “dictionary”) needed by the server programs. This subset includes information about tables, columns, indexes and docking objects.
Diccache.dat, located in the SIEBSRVR_HOME\bin directory, is accessed whenever a server program is started. The file is automatically recreated if the file does not exist or if it is out of date (The version number of the schema and repository is stored in the header of the file).

Dicdata.dat is a subset of diccache.dat file that is downloaded to mobile clients and used by the synchronization process whenever transactions are applied to the local database. The Generate New Database component creates this subset of the diccache.dat and copies it to Siebel_server_root\DBTEMPL\dbXXrYY.ZZ\dicdata.dat file (where XX, YY, ZZ correspond to current schema version). When a mobile client synchronizes, the dicdata.dat is copied to the siebel_client_root\LOCAL\dicdata.dat on the client machine.


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