Detailed Steps to Configure a Applet to show the data in Hierarchical format.

Step 1: Navigate to Tools >> File >> New Objects…

Step 2: Go to Applets Tab and Select List Applet

Step 3: Wizard will start, enter the values for :

  1. Project
  2. Applet Name
  3. BC
  4. Upgrade Behaviour

Step 4:  Select Applet Web Template, “Applet List (Base/EditList)”

Step 5: Select the Fields that needs to be displayed in the List Applet

Step 6: Select the Controls that needs to be available in the List Applet

Step 7: Verify and Close the Wizard by clicking on “Finish” button.

Step 8: Verify the Applet Created in tools

Step 9: Add the following four Applet Method Menu Items:

  1. Indent
  2. Outdent
  3. MoveUp
  4. MoveDown

Step 10: Add the following four Applet User Properties:

  1. CanInvokeMethod : Indent => Value: True
  2. CanInvokeMethod : Outdent => Value: True
  3. CanInvokeMethod : Expand => Value: True
  4. CanInvokeMethod : Collapse => Value: True

Step 11: Enter value in HTML Hierarchy Bitmap in Applet>> List to “HTML Hierarchy Icons”

Step 12: Navigate to the Applet’s BC and set the Hierarchy Parent Field to the Field that contains the Parent Row Id Field.

Note: Incase this BC is used across multiple Applets and you want to restrict the hierarchy to specific applets only then set “Disable Buscomp Hierarchy” Applet User Property to “TRUE”.


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