Siebel – Avoid “Asynchronous Server Requests”

Recently we started getting Siebel Application crashes, On detail analysis of the logs/FDR’s pointed out that when the “Asynchronous Server Requests” BS is being destroyed in memory during Logout, the application is crashing.

One suggestion is to avoid using the “Asynchronous Server Requests” as this perticular BS is written for Siebel 6.0 and has undergone changes, Although still supported, Even Oracle recommends usage of “Server Requests” BS with Mode set to “Async”. (Doc Id : 477818.1)This is one of the best practices to be considered.


Also another Oracle SR suggests a Product bug(Bug 10643087) with “Asynchronous Server Requests” BS running in Direct DB Mode.( Doc ID 951656.1)


So need to change code as suggested below.



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