Innovation Pack 2016 – New Features

Dear Readers,

Sharing some of the Key Features that are planned with IP2016.

  1. Siebel OpenUI Desktop integration (Outlook, Lotus Notes, F9, Drag and Drop outlook items to attachments etc)
  2. Siebel Application Usage Pattern Capture
  3. Siebel Composer Developer Preview
    1. Ease of configuration via a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) visual interface especially for Applet, View and Screens. No need to do the changes in Webtemplate
    2. Workspaces
    3. Multi user development Model
    4. Sandbox for editing and previewing metadata changes
    5. Preview Metadata changes in Realtime
    6. Segmentation of repository
    7. Seed data management

4. Standards-Based REST Interface Provisioned Fully within Siebel CRM

5. Siebel CRM Interoperability with Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS)

I am especially excited with the Composer related changes and the ease that it is going to bring to the developers.


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