Steps to Create RCR

Hello Readers,

First of all, wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016 to you all,

This is my first post of the year.After a long gap posting a non OpenUI stuff.

Steps to create a RCR : (Recurring Component Request)

  1. Login to the Application as Administrator
  2. Click on Sitemap >> Administration – Server ManagementRCR1
  3. Click on Jobs
  4. Click on “New” ButtonRCR2
  5. Enter the following Fields in the Job Details Applet:
    1. Component Job : Workflow Process Manager
    2. Repeating : Y (Check)
    3. Repeat Unit : Days
    4. Repeat Interval : 1
    5. Repeat From : Scheduled Start
    6. Description : “Brief Description of the RCR Job”RCR3
  6. Navigate to Job Parameters Applet and Click on New
  7. Enter the following details
    1. Name : Workflow Process Name
    2. Value : ClearCacheWFRCR4
  8. Navigate to Jobs and Click on “Submit Job” buttonRCR5
  9. See if the Status goes to “Active”.
  10. Monitor the RCR for few instance executions.
  11. Test this in Lower Environments and based on the results deploy to Production.