Siebel Log analyzer

Recently I have been working on some of the Performance related issues in Siebel. The usual way is to get the OM logs with SQL logging level set to 4/5. Now the big task is to analyze these log files to find Long running queries which cause the performance degradation.

So, I have come up with my own “Siebel Log Analyzer” which will check for long queries pertaining to :

a) SQL Prepare Time

b) SQL Execute Time

c) SQL Fetch Time

Log analyzer1

You need to enter the Log File Path and give a value for Threshold (Threshold time above which all the values to be captured . Eg : 0.4 sec, 0.7 sec etc)

On clicking the “Analyze File”, the output is generated in a new excel sheet like this :

Log analyzer2

Now it’s some what easier to find where the issues are. This is especially helpful when the log file size is very huge.

Let me know if any of you need to try this. You can email me to get a copy!!

Simplified Debugging!!!


9 thoughts on “Siebel Log analyzer”

  1. I have been analysing log files like these for years using grep and other unix commands. There are windows ports available for these. Looks like you are grepping through the log file for patterns.

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