Siebel OpenUI – List Applet Filter

Since the List applet in OpenUI uses the JQgrid frame work, it gives some very good capabilities of JQGrid. One of them is the “Filter Toolbar”, which gives us additional filtering options within the List Applet.


Additionally, you can now programmatically control the contents in list applet (Like filtering, Searching etc).

Following code in PR can get you the “Filter Toolbar” in your list applet:


To add a filter condition, you can try the below script:

$(“#gs_Location”).val(‘H’); // Setting the filter condition
this.GetGrid()[0].triggerToolbar(); // Trigger the Filter condition

Where “gs_Location” needs to be replaced with the correct List Column name. Here I have added a filter condition of “H”. Once you set a value, Trigger the toolbar to execute your filter condition.

Also, you can hide the toolbar, if you do not want your users to use it, or to have the filtering in the background.


Happy Filtering!!


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