Siebel – Outbound email Validation

Siebel by default does validation of the email addresses that are used in the outbound communication manager. Basic validations like having a “@” or a “.com” or “co.*” are present. Some times there might be an exception scenario where these validations needs to be overwritten to cater to the customer needs where they might encounter validation errors like :

Invalidate eMail address:**** 

To overcome these validations, you need to set system preferences. Following steps needs to be followed :

  1. Navigate to Administration – Application  –> System Preferences
  2. Query out “Enable EmailAddress Validation”
  3. Set its value to “FALSE”
  4. Bounce Siebel Service

When changing System Preferences (normally by the administrator), Siebel Application Object Manager component needs to be restarted to make it reload the new System Preferences settings.

Test and Deploy!!


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