IP2017 – Key Features – WebTools

Hi All,

While the Innovation Pack 2017 (IP207) is getting ready to be “GA”d, I am trying to highlight some of the key features here.

First in the series, that excited me, is Production Version of  “WebTools”. (IP2015,IP2016 were only the Developer Preview).

WebTools have come up pretty good, where the Siebel Development team is ensuring that the UI and configuration steps matches the Siebel Tools.

This also empowers the Developers to configure online via web browser, a step forward towards cloud enablement.


Key Observations :

  • Types Mode and Flat Mode of Object Explorer is still available
  • Collapsable/Expandable Objects tree
  • Tree type of navigation similar to Siebel Tools
  • Native OUI Applet features for search, Add, Delete, Query etc
  • Ability to select/unselect the Objects and child objects within the OE Pane.Selecting objects in OE
  • Settings Button, have most of the Methods that were available in Right click.
  • Web Template files are migrated to WebTools, so that the Templates can be edited online with styling and Preview options available.
  • Webtemplates
  • And the new “Workspace” concept, which will help in
    • Parallel developments within Releases (Eg: Developer 1 and Developer 2 working in Q1 Release)
    • Parallel Release development (Eg: Q1 Release and Q2 Release can go hand in hand within a single development Server, Which means reduced infrastructure and Maintenance)
    • Better Control over the items being merged into a release. (with Approval Manager)
    • Preview (“Inspect”) option for the developers will eliminate the need of any SRF Migration and server bounce and help in faster development cycle
    • Better Conflict resolution options (Rebase etc)
  • Workspace
    • Elimate the need of SRF File. ( This is a single big step, which will help in achieving “Zero Down Time” for SRF Related deployments.)

Saying that, WebTools has still evolve. Some of things, which you still will not be able to do with WebTools are :

  • Wizards (Applet, BC, etc)
  • Task Based UI Configurations
  • Workflow creation and debugging
  • Applet, BC, BS Browser scripts and Server Scripts
  • Applet Edit WebTemplate option not available
  • Debugging the Scripts in Applet,Application,BC or BS
  • EIM Mappings
  • Importing the Objects from Archives (SIF’s)
  • And few more, yet to explore 🙂

All in all, I hope that this WebTools will

  • Ease up the work of developers,
  • Less work for Siebel Admin’s
  • Faster deployment cycles and
  • Reduce cost of ownership for the enterprises

Will try to elaborate on other “Game changer” features of IP2017 in future topics.


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