Different Ways to Project iPad screen on a PC

Very often there might be a requirement to demo the App installed on a ipad on a PC.
Though simulators can be used, they are not realtime.

For realtime streaming of the iPad contents on a computer, use one of the following methods.


Though AirServer is recommended, its only a 7 day trial version. I have used iTools,looks good, but some reviews say that its buggy.


Steps to Create RCR

Hello Readers,

First of all, wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016 to you all,

This is my first post of the year.After a long gap posting a non OpenUI stuff.

Steps to create a RCR : (Recurring Component Request)

  1. Login to the Application as Administrator
  2. Click on Sitemap >> Administration – Server ManagementRCR1
  3. Click on Jobs
  4. Click on “New” ButtonRCR2
  5. Enter the following Fields in the Job Details Applet:
    1. Component Job : Workflow Process Manager
    2. Repeating : Y (Check)
    3. Repeat Unit : Days
    4. Repeat Interval : 1
    5. Repeat From : Scheduled Start
    6. Description : “Brief Description of the RCR Job”RCR3
  6. Navigate to Job Parameters Applet and Click on New
  7. Enter the following details
    1. Name : Workflow Process Name
    2. Value : ClearCacheWFRCR4
  8. Navigate to Jobs and Click on “Submit Job” buttonRCR5
  9. See if the Status goes to “Active”.
  10. Monitor the RCR for few instance executions.
  11. Test this in Lower Environments and based on the results deploy to Production.



IP2015 – In Memory SRF

Some nice information on the “In Memory SRF” concept incorporated in IP2015, this will get its final shape in IP2016….!!


SRF as such is not going away. We are only changing how we store the output of the compilation process from a file to tables in the repository. When the server is running in Composer mode, it loads the repository information from the repository tables, rather than a file, thus allowing us to publish new content while the server is still running and the next session that starts up will load the new content. Since repository information is loaded & cached once at login, active sessions are not impacted by new content that is published in the background.

Publishing new content uses the same compilation process as before, with the only difference that we now store in repository tables. This reduces the risk of migration from SRF to In Memory SRF as the core processes are still the same.

Siebel CRM Composer enables a set of new features that are not available in SRF mode. For e.g. Server side Responsive Web Design is achieved by removing the need for file based Web Templates. This requires additional repository schema to hold additional data, which is read and processed by Siebel CRM Composer only. SRF is unaware of this data even though it resides in the same underlying tables. The Schema model for Siebel CRM Composer features are designed in a way that they can coexists with Tools. However, only one mode can be active at a time.

Innovation Pack 2016 – New Features

Dear Readers,

Sharing some of the Key Features that are planned with IP2016.

  1. Siebel OpenUI Desktop integration (Outlook, Lotus Notes, F9, Drag and Drop outlook items to attachments etc)
  2. Siebel Application Usage Pattern Capture
  3. Siebel Composer Developer Preview
    1. Ease of configuration via a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) visual interface especially for Applet, View and Screens. No need to do the changes in Webtemplate
    2. Workspaces
    3. Multi user development Model
    4. Sandbox for editing and previewing metadata changes
    5. Preview Metadata changes in Realtime
    6. Segmentation of repository
    7. Seed data management

4. Standards-Based REST Interface Provisioned Fully within Siebel CRM

5. Siebel CRM Interoperability with Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS)

I am especially excited with the Composer related changes and the ease that it is going to bring to the developers.

OpenUI – Siebel15 Web Tools

As Siebel Developers, have u ever fantisized using the Siebel Tools as a online tools, If Answer is “Yes” then you were perfectly right in imagining it…. We got Siebel Tools a an Online “Composer”/”Siebel Web Tools” now with Siebel15 (IP2015).

It’s a separate OM that can take care of storing the configuration changes.

So you can do the configurations also online… (Zero Foot Print).

Screenshot for the Web Tools for your reference.


Web Tools

However, I am yet to figure out how we are going to do the following:
1. Edit Web Layout for Applets/views
2. Edit Browser and Server Scripts for Applets/BC/BS
3. Compilation Request etc