Innovation Pack 2016 – New Features

Dear Readers, Sharing some of the Key Features that are planned with IP2016. Siebel OpenUI Desktop integration (Outlook, Lotus Notes, F9, Drag and Drop outlook items to attachments etc) Siebel Application Usage Pattern Capture Siebel Composer Developer Preview Ease of configuration via a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) visual interface especially for Applet, View and Screens. No need… Read More Innovation Pack 2016 – New Features

Siebel – Avoid “Asynchronous Server Requests”

Recently we started getting Siebel Application crashes, On detail analysis of the logs/FDR’s pointed out that when the “Asynchronous Server Requests” BS is being destroyed in memory during Logout, the application is crashing. One suggestion is to avoid using the “Asynchronous Server Requests” as this perticular BS is written for Siebel 6.0 and has undergone… Read More Siebel – Avoid “Asynchronous Server Requests”

Siebel Backend query on calculated fields

Another Best Practice recommendation is to have minimum number of calculated fields which contains the “Sum” or “Count” in them. These needs Re-firing at DB End and impacts the performance of the application. Sharing the backend SQL for the same. SELECT B.NAME, ‘~’, A.NAME, ‘~’, A.CALCVAL FROM SIEBEL.S_FIELD A, SIEBEL.S_BUSCOMP B WHERE A.BUSCOMP_ID IN (SELECT… Read More Siebel Backend query on calculated fields

Siebel Backend Query to Find number of Force Active Fields in BC

Started looking into some best practices violation in the repository. So build a query which helps to identify the Number of Force Active Fields in a Buscomp. My personal recommendation is to have <30 Force Active fields in a Buscomp. But depends on BC to BC and Business case. SELECT B.NAME, COUNT(A.FORCEACTIVE) AS NUM_OF_FORCEACTIVE FROM… Read More Siebel Backend Query to Find number of Force Active Fields in BC